Backpack Analysis

The idea comes up when I forgot my classbinder. And recently I realize I don’t really use the books that I carried. So I want to log all the things that I bring when I go out.


go out: leaving home/apartment for more than 1 hour.

Objectives/Questions to reflect on: I need to carry …, do I actually use …? do I prepare things in advance? 3.want to check if I bring all the things I need before I head out


In a normal school setting, I bring the following items in order of frequencies/importance: almost all the time: phone, id-card(with buspass), wallet often: pen/pencil and sometimes an eraser backpack: pen things, books, exercise books, notes, sometimes water bottle special items: umbrella, markers, laptops(too big to bring unless have to)

What to do next?

1.need to timestamp everytime I leave my apartment/home, with the items that I bring out. Mostly the flexible items would be the choice of book and notes.

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