Why do I learn Japanese this semester?

It may not be for my best interest to learn Japanese because

  1. pressure to find a job after graduation
  2. very little practical value to my career development
  3. huge time investment

However, there are the following reasons why I want to learn Japanese:

  1. I really like the Japanese song Again by Yui. The song, along with the anime story Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, has helped me go through some very very rough times in college.
  2. Herbert Simon’s story that he self-taught himself twenty plus different languages inspired me to test his theory. Here is a quote from his autobiography:

Anyone who lacks shame can speak any foreign language, badly but understandably. The great enemy of foreign language learning is a sense of shame, an inability or unwillingness to become a child again and to let one’s inadequacies show.

  1. Learning something completely new would be a good learning experience. Help me review the learning principles that I may have forgotten.
  2. If I don’t do it this semester, the chance of me learning Japanese in another time will be low. I am more confidenet that I can self-study technical knowledge than Japanese.
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