Posture Correction

Everytime sister walks into my room she warns me my posture is very bad. So I have the thought of creating some posture detection program. Disclaimer: The most effective way to correct one’s posture is exercise + awareness. Consistent exercises is the most important factor.

Instead of copying and pasting code from some medium blog post, I use an website that was much more effective:

Literation 1 - braindead POC

So I quickly create the following two classes of training images: 1.bad posture: Me hunching forward with various angles 2.ok posture: Me having a more upright posture

Training Model

Testing Model

Next step:

. figure out an exercise plan
. investigate how to an application layer on top of model results, such as:
Sample 10 images per minute, and alert me if >8/10 images have bad posture
. create a model measuring posture from the front

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