Problem Statement / Motivation

When I have unplanned free time, I tend to engage in very low value activities. Therefore I need to:

  1. Reducing super low value activities with medium value ones

    • Examples of low value activities: Random video game session, youtube session, Movie/TV summary session

    • Example of medium value activities: Reading session, exercising session, project session

    • Wasting 10 hours a week, assumed hourly wages 30,
      It is same as wasting: 10 * 4 (a month) * 30 = 1200 a month

  2. track if every hour I am pushing my limits and beyond.



I created a service Overwatcher that checks if I have plans for any given hour, by checking if the corresponding google spreadsheet cell is empty.

image tooltip here If I don’t make a plan, it will send me a text message reminder.
See below image, the green means the hour I made plan, red means I don’t have plan for the hour. image tooltip here I also need to record the productivity of each hour, from 1 to 5.

  1. time completely wasted
  2. most of the hour is wasted
  3. I tried to work but being distracted
  4. mostly focused
  5. push the limit of my productivityW

At the beginning of the next day, I will also get a text message reporting:
1. # of hours that I recorded productivity
2. # of hours have less than sub-standard (< 3) productivities

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