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Pushing Reading to the Next Level

When I talk to researchers, when I talk to people wanting to engage in entrepreneurship, I tell them that if you read research papers consistently, if you seriously study half a dozen papers a week and you do that for two years, after those two years you will have learned a lot. This is a fantastic investment in your own long term development.
-Andrew Ng

Recently I have started posting reading reflections on a Chinese website: 经管之家

It is great because on one hand I am rewarded for posting reading reflections, on the other hand I could farm some points for downloading more books from the website.

However, I worry that I may be get so lost in reading that I forget to integrate my reading knowledge in real life; or my reading materials are too random to have a consistent empower my daily life.

Therefore I should set a main goal to distingush reading for knowledge enrichment(fun/updating my knowledge system) or daily life empowerment(motifying daily actions). A system that incorporates both.

A quick solution(haven’t tried out yet) is to read 2 things: one for fun, starting with a book itself; while the other is for solving a particular problem I have it life, starting with the problem. But if I do want to read to solve a problem that would take a good amount of mental energy.

After swinging back and forth whether I should devote so much mental energy to reading(more than I originally inteneded), I settle on reading technically and nontechnically are both very important to me and I should allocate time to it. And the problem now migrates to execution and maintenance. I tend to fall short in that.

So I am committing an hour searching for documents how to implement consistently.

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