KaggleDays reflection 1 Google AutoML topped Kaggle competition


.Google AutoML won 2nd place in kaggle competition, beating many kaggle grandmasters
.in the competition dataset, all columns are anonymized. Which means there isn’t much domain knowledge can be applied. …

My thoughts overview:

1.Oh s*** my job is getting automated
2.oh cool, now I can benchmark my value against autoXXXframework
3.oh cool, now I can do my job without spending so much time doing ***, I can just use autoXXXframework. So I have more time focus on doing  ***
4.So what should I concern about:
	Candidate 1: the growth and decline of the “data science hype”
	Candidate 2: the other intelligent “data scientists” who are way more qualified than me
	Candidate 3: the system and environment that hinder my growth
	Candidate 4: me not having some skills, and not knowing what skills I need, and not knowing how to development some skills 
	Candidate 5: I am not learning fast enough 
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