Overwatcher 2.0

Overwatcher Feature Development over the past years:

Change Date Change Ease to Use Usage/Data Coverage Recorded Productivity
09/19/2020 MVP Hard Low Never check
07/10/2021 Automatically create timesheet each week Easier Low Never check
  reduce days per sheet from 14 to 7 (easier to find the right cell) Easier Low Never check
10/17/2021 Create sms text command to record data (much much easier to input data) Easier Medium Never check
12/25/2022 Add script to expire google spreadsheet >2 months old Easy Medium Never check
01/01/2022 Text reminder every 10min if no data entry Easy Good ~300 to 350
01/04/2022 Create daily plots and track weekly scores Easy Good ~300 to 350
04/18/2022 Told friend my goal is to get 360 points Easy Good > 360
04/??/2022 Create daily productivity projection Easy Good > 360

daily productivity plot

I journal everyday in a google doc, I am checking my scores every day I write my journals.
image tooltip here

Future Developments

Goal is to consistently be around 400 range. I feel like I need to be mindful almost every min of the hour to get more 5 scores for a given hour.

Mapping certain activities to a strategy score, showing how much they contribute to my goals from different categories (health, career, relationships, finance…) Think that is probably a different project reading off my personal jira tickets rather than the scope of overwatcher.

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