Deep Work Extension (rough rough draft)

Recap: A while a ago, I read a book called Deepwork. Then I decided to keep track of my studying/work data to improve my focus and productivity.

New developments: Besides tracking how much time I spend doing what, along with sub-tasks. I also track additional information about a task, such as

Focus (from 1 to 0): my focus during the time Motivatoin: punishing for low focus or being distracted

Difficulty (from 1 to 2): the difficulty of the task Motivation: reward more taking on difficult task. Some times I am less focused because it is hard.

Leverage (from 1 to 2): the importance of the task that I am doing Motivation: reward for working on important things

And then I will multiply the time I spent on a task to all the coefficients to get an adjusted Productivity score for the task.

At the end of the day, I can see Things I work on, How much time I spent working on them, And an overall score of my adjusted productivity

To automate calculations of adjusted productivity, I shift data platform from google doc to google spread sheet.

Here are my thoughts on my new experiments: Pros: Data is much more organize Many computations are easier

Cons: Less description Haven’t fully integrated tracking the metrics and analyzing them yet Have to create a new sheet for each day, at some point I have to develop some tools to store everything in a sort of database.

Things to do: Assign leverage and difficulties on some tasks, such as School work in general should have leverage 1 Job apps stuff should have leverage and difficulty 1.5 Daily reflection and daily planning are in a critical stage right now so the first 15min should be 1.4/1.5 the rest should probably be 1.

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