KPI Design - Reducing Checking My Phone Part 2

Unlocks: 110 - 60 - 39 - 69 - 111 - 108 -73
Usage: 110m - 90m - 42m - 110m - 90m - 110m - 80m

Previously I was averaging about 210 unlocks and 140mins usage daily. In the first few days of the experiment, I was able to lower to daily unlock to 70. But then my usage exploded during the weekend, bc I was chatting a lot and had to constantly checked my cellphone for lyft rides.

Good things: I do agree that I have been checking my wechat signficiantly less. However, I still have the habit of checking my phone without unlocking.

Next step:

1. Increasing weekend quota to 120.
2. Each checking my phone, I have to unlock it. Unless I am puring checking the time. 
3. Figure out a way to monitor non-work webbrowsing activity. I seem to get distracted easily. 
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